Simple Home-Made Remedies to Get Rid of Back-Acne

Back-acne is like an evil spirit riding on your back that refuses to go away easily. This is also a region of your body that remains largely ignored because you can’t see it.  There are times when you keep your back relatively less cleanly compared to your face and other parts of the body because you don’t know or care about how to clear up back acne in a week. This can certainly cause acne to grow and flourish on your back with time. There comes a stage in your life when the back-acne becomes unbearable and then you rush to your dermatologist who recommends a heavy medication and demands hefty fees that almost empties your pockets.

However, here are some simple home-made recipes that could solve your problem of how to clear up back acne in a week.

Aloe-Vera-gel & Cream: – These remedies are commonly available from any chemist shop and are absolutely free from any side effects. You can mix them with a little lemon-juice concentrate and a bit of honey and beat them into a fine mix. Apply the mix uniformly on your back and rest for an hour with your back facing up. The anti-septic gel penetrates your skin pores and clears it, the lemon removes the red marks on your skin and the honey softens your back to a state like the baby-skin.

Regular bathing with Tea-tree-oil can heal the back acne within a short period.  The oil is composed of more than 90 compounds out of which the mild mixture   gently removes the acne completely off your back and prevents its recurrence when used regularly. You can either

  • Apply the oil with soft cotton before bathing. Once you apply the oil, let it soak for about 15-20 minutes. Or
  • Mix a proportion of 2 table-spoons Tea-tree-oil with half a liter of lukewarm water and wash your back. Then you can gently massage the back with honey to soften the surface. Soak for 10 more minutes and then bathe in warm water.

Prepare a fine paste of sandalwood-powder/ oil with rose-water. If you mix a few pinches of turmeric-powder, it gives the added benefit of an antiseptic cream. Gently apply the mixture on your back fully. Sandal-wood removes and heals the acne affected spots while the rose water softens the skin. Let the mixture soak for about 30 minutes and then wash off gently using Luke-warm water before bathing. Now you will practically experience that all your doubts about best acne treatment naturally have been answered practically.